Typical Products/Project Roles for VMI representatives

Below is a list of services or activities that can be provided by VMI personnel. 

The work can be carried out with different roles for our personnel, e.g. as specialist supplier of in-house advisory services, as independent 3rd Party assessments or as staff member in a project organization. 

  • Applied materials technology for metals and polymer materials

  • Materials strategy & materials selection

  • Materials engineering for structures and pressure equipment applications

  • Welding technology & physical metallurgy of carbon and stainless steels, aluminum and titanium.

  • Fabrication methodology, quality assurance, quality control & dimension control

  • Qualification evaluation of contractors, subcontractors & vendors

  • Structural criticality versus fabrication requirements

  • Fracture mechanics evaluations

  • Evaluation of standards and specifications for all materials & 

  • Failure & damage analyses and assessments

  • Fit for purpose assessments

  • Surface protection, paints, coatings and cathodic protection

  • NDT methodology, techniques and application in quality control

  • Project, contract and quality management

  • Risk management and risk & reliability assessment

  • Structural reliability analyses

  • Coordination of interfaces between contractors and/or suppliers

  • Develop and generate Design, Fabrication and Installation resumes (DFI-resumes)

  • Perform inspection planning based on DFI information and RBI assessments


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